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"The Brazilian style was evident from the first minute of the warm-up which was all about rhythm and coordination. The actual practices were very intense and modeled on quick 1 and 2 touch connections and freedom of movement after passing the ball.Incredibly hard working and quality coaches." CALIFORNIA RUSH SOCCER CLUB

TetraBrazil Soccer Schools provide players with authentic Brazilian-based coaching, focusing on techniques and tactics that have helped to mould some of the world’s best players. It is a mix of conventional football and Futsal, the game used to develop players such as Pele, Ronaldo and Neymar.

TetraBrazil encourages technical (skill) development; teaching players to control the ball, move and pass it quickly and develop a creative edge and confidence to their play. There is also a focus on the tactical, physical and psychological development of players in a fun and interactive way.

TetraBrazil work with children aged:

 5-11 - Junior Programme
12-18 - Academy Programme

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